Test Information

AEAS recommends that students focus on their English language studies and their general school studies as the most effective means of preparing for an AEAS test.

Students should attend the test on the day and do the best they can. AEAS results do not specify a pass or fail – they simply provide an indication of the students’ ability on the day of testing. Individual schools will make decisions on the level the student must achieve before their application is accepted.

The most effective method to improve English language skills is to study and practice English. Practicing how to sit a test will not by itself significantly improve English language skills.

AEAS tests are generally undertaken by students’ sight unseen. This means that it is not necessary for students to see the tests or style of tests before they sit them.

AEAS proudly offers the only Official AEAS Test Preparation Course, as well as the AEAS School Preparation Course.  For information about these courses and where they can be taken, please see the Preparation Courses pages of this website.

AEAS test material and test methodology is subject to copyright. AEAS does not endorse or condone any other individual or organisation providing AEAS specific test preparation courses, mock AEAS tests or textbooks.

Practice Test Materials are available for students applying to Years 10, 11 and 12 | Years 7, 8 and 9 | Years 4 to 6.

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