Test Information


Students have two choices on when to apply to sit an AEAS Assessment.



Australian and International Schools

Schools should notify the student that he/she is required to sit an AEAS Assessment (in their own country)

  • Students should go to Register for Testing, choose a city and date that suits and complete the online registration form, ensuring the name of the school is included under “Schools applying for”.
  • If there are no dates currently online, go to Test Locations, choose the place you would like to be tested and contact the Test Centre or independent Test Administrator to arrange a date and time.  Registration can be completed online once a date is agreed.
  • If the preferred country is not listed under Test Locations, student must email admin@aeas.com.au and arrangements will be made for testing and assessment.

For further details regarding the AEAS test, please go to Test Description.

Education Agents

Education agents who are unsure about which school to recommend to the student may suggest the student completes the AEAS assessment before a decision is made. This allows the student and the agent to consider the results of the AEAS assessment prior to deciding on which school(s) to apply to.

Alternatively, if the student wishes to apply to a school that requires the AEAS assessment the agent should assist the student to apply for a test date either by contacting the appropriate Test Centre or by registering online, making sure all Education Agent details are included.

The AEAS Assessment Report will be returned directly to the student and the referring agent (if Education Agent details were included in the registration), not to the AEAS Test Centre who administered the test.

People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Education agents in the People’s Republic of China are encouraged to refer students for an AEAS Assessment once a decision has been made to apply to an Australian school.

Please refer to www.immi.gov.au/students for more information on the student visa regulations for school students applying to study in Australian schools.

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