Test Information

Security of Testing

Security of test materials and Assessment Reports is an important issue for AEAS. A number of mechanisms are in place to actively monitor security on an ongoing basis. These mechanisms include reviewing and implementing standards for both Test Centres and Test Administrators and new combinations of test materials being made available on a regular basis.

Test Centres are required to meet standards set by AEAS which include the ability to securely store test materials (except in PRC where test materials are not stored at Test Centres), an understanding of the importance of security of test materials and an appropriate room which enables students to sit the test under formal examination conditions. Approved test centres are monitored by AEAS regarding their compliance with the AEAS standards.

Test Administrators are trained to administer AEAS tests. Newly appointed test administrators must be native English speakers, have a relevant tertiary qualification and have a comprehensive understanding of test security and test administration under examination conditions. Test administrators must have a high level of integrity and honesty.

AEAS regularly introduces new test materials. Multiple sets of the English language proficiency tests ensures that students will gain no benefit from receiving information from students who have already sat the AEAS test. Test materials vary from session to session.

Student identification is an important part of the security of testing. Students must bring one current passport size photo to the testing session. In addition, the test administrator may take a digital photo of the student. These photos are used to identify the student at various points during the testing process. A photo is then attached to the Assessment Report, providing a mechanism by which Australian schools can confirm the identity of the student applying and the student who enrols and then attends the school.

Discrepancies between AEAS test results and the actual presentation and ability of the student upon arrival at school in Australia will be reported to the relevant organisations.

AEAS allows authorised organisations to directly verify with AEAS an individual student’s test results.

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