Test Centres

Test Fee

The test fee to sit the AEAS test, in all countries, is AUD$520.00.  This is payable by the student or parents.

If students wish to apply to more than three schools, an additional fee of AUD$15.00 will be payable for each additional school.

Some AEAS Test Centres charge an additional administration fee to cover the cost of test room hire, courier/postage fees and other miscellaneous charges. Administration fees charged by AEAS Test Centres in relation to testing must be approved by AEAS.

Some Test Centres also provide counselling services (for example, they are Education Agents) and may charge students other fees for services provided that are unrelated to AEAS.

If you have any concerns about fees charged by Test Centres in relation to AEAS Testing please contact the AEAS head office admin@aeas.com.au.

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