The Official AEAS Studying in Australian Schools Preparation Course




6 week course (total of 42 hours)

Held on Saturdays (dates on application)

Location: Central CBD in Melbourne

Course Fee: $3,500

Class Size: Small Group



Please send me an Enrolment Form for the Melbourne Course


The overall objective of the AEAS Studying in Australian Schools Preparation Course is to assist students to make a successful and smooth transition into life and learning in Australia. Unlike other preparation courses, this course teaches real life skills, not just how to answer test questions.  The course strengthens English language skills in the five areas tested in the AEAS Assessment, and focuses on building confidence in each student to allow them to communicate in English in a range of situations they will encounter in Australia.

The Certificate of Completion can be attached to a student’s application to an Australian school.  This will show Australian schools that the student is better prepared for studying in Australia.  According to feedback from top Australian schools, equal importance is given to English language skill and cultural knowledge when assessing a student’s enrolment application.

It’s important to note that this course is not an intensive English language course (ELICOS).  It is recommended that students complete an appropriate ELICOS course in Australia with a registered provider prior to entering any Australian classroom.


Australian Schools that will welcome an AEAS Studying in Australian Schools Preparation Course Certificate include:


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