AEAS Preparation Courses

AEAS School Preparation Course


This course consists of six modules to be completed in a total of 40 hours:  reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and review.  The focus of the course is to develop students’ English language and study skills needed to be successful in classrooms at international and overseas schools.  Students will learn practical English language skills and improve confidence in communicating in English.

There are three year level groups available for students to enrol in:  Year 4-6, Year 7-9 and Year 10-12.  The course will be taught by qualified and experienced native English speaking teachers to maximise students’ exposure to the use of the English language.  Each module consists of homework and review sections which allow for timely support and monitoring of students’ progress.

On completion of all six modules of the course, students will receive an official AEAS School Preparation Course Certificate to support applications to international and overseas schools.

It’s important to note that this course is not an intensive English language course (ELICOS).  It is recommended that students complete an appropriate ELICOS course in Australia with a registered provider prior to entering any Australian classroom.


The main objectives of the course
  • To improve students’ English language abilities, particularly in relation to having the confidence to communicate in English regardless of limited proficiency.
  • To prepare students for English medium classrooms through an introduction to teaching and learning styles and assisting them to develop independent study and organisational skills.
  • To help students conceptualise a realistic idea of what studying in an international school will be like.
  • To teach students how to make the most of the opportunity by setting goals and taking a proactive approach to their studies.
  • To give students an introduction to the AEAS test and the testing format. To teach students the English language skills to adequately prepare for a test, without offering a ‘test preparation course’.
  • To assist parents to understand the importance of maintaining an active role in students’ life while at an international school and to have a better understanding of what life will be like for their child.
The advantage of the AEAS School Preparation Course
On successful completion of the AEAS School Preparation Course, students should:

  • be developing confidence in their ability to communicate in English, including topics they are not familiar with
  • have a realistic idea of learning expectations in an international or bilingual school
  • have been introduced to the skills and techniques that will support the development of independent learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • have developed a checklist of goals identifying what they would like to achieve as a student at an international or overseas school
  • have developed interpersonal skills which will allow them to successfully interact with their peers on commencement at your school
  • have the ability to independently prepare for an English language test.  This will include planning their test preparation schedule and planning learning methodology to practice English dskill areas covered in the AEAS test.

Australian schools that will welcome an AEAS School Preparation Course Certificate include:


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