Test Information

Students can apply for an AEAS Test Assessment in the following ways:

  • A Student may apply direct to an AEAS Test Centre to complete the Assessment.
  • An Australian school may refer a student for an AEAS Assessment to either a Test Centre in the student’s home country or to an AEAS Test Centre in Australia.
  • An Education Agent may recommend a student complete an AEAS Assessment before a decision is made regarding which school to apply to – the AEAS Assessment will assist in deciding on an appropriate school to best meet the student’s needs.


Students have two choices on when to apply to sit an AEAS Assessment.



Australian and International Schools

Schools should notify the student that he/she is required to sit an AEAS Assessment (in their own country) and

  • For students wishing to be tested in the People’s Republic of China or Melbourne, refer them to www.aeas.com.au where they are required to register for testing online.
  • For students in Hong Kong and Macau, refer them to www.aeas.com.au if applying for testing after an AEAS Schools Exhibition in Hong Kong, when they must register online. At all other times refer them to the appropriate AEAS test centre or independent test administrator.
  • For students from all other countries, refer them to the appropriate AEAS Test Centre.

The School should also notify the AEAS Test Centre of the referral stipulating the student’s name, address and contact details.

Details of the referral should also be forwarded to AEAS head office (admin@aeas.com.au).

For further information see Test Description.

Details of students from countries other than those listed under Test Locations should be forwarded directly to AEAS, who will then make appropriate arrangements for testing and assessment.

Education Agents

Education agents who are unsure about which school to recommend to the student may suggest the student completes the AEAS assessment before a decision is made. This allows the student and the agent to consider the results of the AEAS assessment prior to deciding on which school(s) to apply to.

Alternatively, if the student wishes to apply to a school that requires the AEAS assessment the agent should assist the student to apply for a test date either by contacting the appropriate Test Centre or by registering online (if the student is in the People’s Republic of China, Melbourne or Hong Kong on specified dates).

Agents should advise AEAS head office of the details of the referral including name, age and address of student and of their own contact details. This can occur either by fax (+61 3 9645 0088) or email (admin@aeas.com.au)

The AEAS Assessment Report will be returned directly to the student and the referring agent, not to the AEAS Test Centre who administered the test.

People’s Republic of China (PRC)

Education agents in the People’s Republic of China are encouraged to refer students for an AEAS Assessment once a decision has been made to apply to an Australian school.

Please refer to www.immi.gov.au/students for more information on the student visa regulations for school students applying to study in Australian schools.

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