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  • Bienvenida

  • Willkommen
  • Selamat

  • 歓迎

  • การต้อนรับ

  • sự hoan nghinh

  • 환영

  • 欢迎

  • Welcome


Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) has been providing comprehensive testing for international primary and secondary school students applying to study in Australia since 1985. The AEAS assessment includes English language proficiency, general ability and mathematical reasoning and takes students approximately 3 hours to complete under supervision.

The AEAS Report provides an accurate assessment of the student’s English language proficiency and the number of weeks intensive English language program that should be undertaken by the student before he or she enters the Australian classroom. Analysis can be made as to the student’s capability to manage with the year he or she intends to enter and the areas the student may need support with.

The AEAS Report provides a far wider range of information than any other available test and may be used when applying for a place at many first class Australian schools.

Many students who have completed an AEAS assessment have successfully applied to some of the most prestigious schools in Australia. These students have then completed their secondary school studies with excellent results and gone on to study at some of the premier universities in Australia such as the University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, Monash University, University of Adelaide and the University of Queensland.


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